Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to Fold a JuliaSet

I wrote a JuliaSet animation way back when, that would use a Lissajou curve through the parameter space defining the curves and then draw / erase the resulting fractals.  With color effects, it was quite fun to watch even on a 4.77 MHz PC.

So I was reminded when I saw this very nice WebGL-based animation describing how Julia Sets are generated.  [Note that you really need to view this site in Chrome or Firefox to get the full effect, as it requires WebGL].  If you've only vaguely understood how the Mandelbrot set is produces, or the relationship between Mandelbrot and Julia sets, then it is worth stepping through the visuals to get a very nice description of the complex math that is used and how the iterations actually produce the fractals.
Plus the animated plot points look a lot like my old JuliaB code, but its too bad you can't interactively change the plot points.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

John Henry

I would like to visit Hinton WV one of these days.  There is a John Henry festival there every year, and an old train runs through the Big Bend tunnel.

The interesting thing about the legend is that it cuts through to the central question: does life have an objective function?