Monday, February 14, 2011

New Eevorg screen shot

After mucking around for some time, I've managed to dust off my old Eevorg code and incorporate it (with minimal bells and whistles) in to a basic MFC application.  We are rendering with interpolation, to support multiple zoom scales across the child hierarchy.

We also have a simple mechanism to back up (showing the parent to the left of the current eevorg).

Still to be done, is to implement:
  • a persistence mechanism 
  • some properties (state count, entropy, maybe lookup table, maybe favorite button)
  • filtering of later generations, to eliminate the aliases in the bottom of some of the eevorg
  • implement as an OpenGL rendering (would take care of filtering using texture mipmaps)
Of course, we would like to implement as a web service so that people can use a browser to browse the eevorg.  And eventually maybe an iPhone/iPad app would be pretty nifty too...

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