Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Fatline Events

Have been arranging timelines on TimeGlider, because they let me expand / contract events based on relative importance (which of course seems to change over time anyway) which is I think one of key features of fatline. In TimeGlider I can arrange to have work / school related events on top of the timeline, and personal events on the bottom, like this:
I started contemplating the various categories of things I included on the fatline, and a set of tags that capture them.  I think the main ones are:

Using these as axes, I can define a set of coordinates for each event in this 7-dimensional space, and then perform an SOM for the events.  The SOM could be 2-D, and include time / place for each events, or it could be 1-D and use the timeline itself as one of the dimensions.

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