Monday, January 29, 2018

Teramedica Zero-Footprint Viewer

  • Server-side rendering is probably the easier option for an organization with limited technical resources. The delays are noticeable in the video, though I guess for an initial "Enterprise Imaging" offering it is probably good enough.
  • Web-browser based review is also key to zero footprint viewing
  • One could argue that installing an app doesn't really count as "zero footprint", I guess it does minimize IT resources for deployment
  • Ability to deploy on a luminance-controlled monitor (i.e. in a radiology reading room) is probably also essential--I'm not sure Teramedica has that covered yet
  • How would this compare to a fat client running on a Citrix farm?  Probably somewhat better performance (due to lossy compression, which I guess radiologists are OK with?) but the Citrix farm's scalability would likely not be favorable, especially if OpenGL volume textures were being used for server-side rendering

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