Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Growing out of a legacy application

Trying to grow out of a dated legacy application is no small feat, and there is undoubtedly a cottage industry dedicated to consulting on how to do just that.

The most effective pattern I've encountered for this is the Strangler Application, so named from some kind of tree seen down under.  But it seems that there are better and worse ways of approaching a Strangler application.

I think Fowler's captures the key aspects: a proper Strangler application needs both a static data strategy ("asset capture") and a dynamic behavior strategy ("event interception").  And it is important that both parts need to be involved in a two-way strategy for getting data and events back and forth.  Fowler stresses the strategic importance of this two-way strategy, as it creates flexibility for determining the order of asset capture.  Words to live by...

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